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Natureza – china selvagem

china selvagem

china selvagem - 6 episódios

The amazing scenery and wildlife of China have always been closed to the prying cameras of Natural History filmmakers – until now. Given unprecedented access to this vast country, the renowned BBC Natural History Unit has produced a series full of breathtaking footage and amazing discoveries.

From the glittering peaks of the Himalayas to the teeming waters of the South China Sea, China encompasses a dazzling range of landscapes. The peaks, rainforests, deserts and caves of this vast and enigmatic country are home to a diverse array of wildlife ranging from giant pandas, tigers and golden snub-nosed monkeys to wild swans, whale sharks and beautiful tropical flowers.

As we travel through the deepest river-gorge in the world, watch fishermen using captive cormorants to gather fish and discover the remarkable Pallas’ pit vipers that pluck birds from the air, it is clear that, this amazing country is ready to reveal the most incredible wildlife surprises.



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